Greetings and God’s richest blessings on all of us here. I am thankful that we are gathered here today to fashion out and propagate the message of the Science of Wellness. I am thankful and happy because for the past eight years or more, the awareness for good health has been rising at a very encouraging ascent. A few people including healers of all kinds and laymen as well as sympathizers of healthy living have gone beyond practice into what I will call “the order of missionaries of health”. The science we are talking about today is not new; it is just neglected. We of PHTWA believe that, in order to have a true, meaningful and sustainable development, we have to start with what we have already learnt as much about as possible, before adding on knowledge from outside in a way that, the new knowledge will help us grow on all sides. We do not believe that the formal school system which was institutionalized some 200 or more years ago promoted any indigenous science. In fact, science was taught as something not known in the traditional African system. So you hear statements like ………“traditional herbs do not have empirical evidence”, “have the potions being tested”? among others. Science is observation, experimentation, and verifications of 4,000 years of experiments.

The motive for many scientists in the formal system is to successfully conduct experiments that will conform to popular and institutionally accepted theories. Here, we need to reassess our motive for carrying out any piece of work, be we researchers, scientists or opinion leaders in health. We need to stick to what is right and not what is popular. But who says that is easy? In every society, there will always be THE FEW WHO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, THE MANY WHO WATCH THINGS HAPPEN and the overwhelming MAJORITY WHO HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT HAPPENS. This is why we in PHTWA do not need to look over our shoulder to see who is applauding before we take a step to contribute towards the propagation and practice of the Science of Wellness.

Health is multi-dimensional and only one healing method cannot solve the problems that arise when mankind is diseased. Herbal Nutrition, Iridology, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Faith Healing, Water Healing, Water Therapy, Urine Therapy and many other forms of healing have been practiced for years in many parts of the world with the food we eat in different parts of the world plays a major part in determining the health status of people. Science has also shown that, certain eating habits are healthier than others. Observation by healers all over the world shows that, eating animal products as food has contributed to decline in how healthy we are. Ghana is a typical example. The increase in the consumption of meat, refined foods and partially hydrogenated fats and oils has resulted in a sharp decrease of the life expectancy rate in Ghana. The life expectancy rate in 1957, just before independence was 75 years, 45 years after independence, it reduced to 57 as at today, it is below 49 years. One of the reasons why sickness is now moving from being normal to fashionable is that, we are not eating well. The reason why we are not eating well is because our nutritional standards are being set by advertisements and food lobbyist. They control what is in the nutrition textbooks from primary through the medical school. Those who try to eat right are stalked by governmental policies that tend to poison the food through insecticides or by nutrient depletion through the application of chemical fertilizers.

The lie that one needs animal protein in order to survive has not been investigated nor even challenged by our nutrition scientists. Everything based on a theory from outside is judged as sacrosanct. This is not good for us as a nation; as a people. What gives the cow its protein, calcium and other nutrients is a very important question not considered by our experts.

Until I began my personal research in 1999 on food Habits and Nutritive Knowledge, I never taught corn has as much as 15% protein. Let me pause here to give you a few vegetarian sources of protein we never knew was.

Tomatoes 1.53gm, spinach 5.97 gm, orange 1.23gm, banana 1.23gm, papaya 1.85gm, mango 1.06gm, kidney beans 13.44gm, cowpeas 5.23gm, lentils 17.86gm. Cornmeal 11.7gm, peanuts 6.71gm, pumpkinseeds 9.35gm, cashew nuts 4.34gm, sesame seeds (tsp) 2.55gm, and yam 2.0gm.

Our body needs 5-18 grams of protein per meal for optimum health. Our bodies can only digest 20-30 grams of protein every 2-3 hours. Any extra is stored as fat. Protein deficiency can only occur where people are actually starving.

But the problem of improper eating does not end only in you choosing animal foods for vegetables. The source of the vegetables must be of great concern. This is because, all people in the health services are encouraging people to eat more fruits and vegetables for a better health. The fact is that, we eat to nourish our bodies with nutrients so if those nutrients are not present in the foods we eat, then we end up loading our systems with empty calories and fat which in itself is a health hazard. Foods that are grown using chemicals, fertilizers, insecticides etc. have most of their nutrients destroyed or depleted. These commercially grown agricultural produce look big, shiny and nice but gives the body close to no nutrients. This is one of the reasons why the iodized salt has to be enforced.  But laboratory iodine is not the same as the natural iodine found in organically produced fruits and vegetables. Let us just check these statistics of organic versus commercially grown foods. Let us consider some popular vegetables both vegetarians and non-vegetarians think they eat to give them health by their expected nutrients.

  Percentage of dry weight Milli-equivalents per 100 grams dry weight Trace amounts parts per million dry matter
  Total Mineral Ash Phosphorous calcium magnesium potassium sodium Baron manganese Iron copper cobalt
organic 10.38 0.38 60.0 43.6 148.3 20.4 42.0 13.0 94.0 48.0 0.15
commercial 6.12 0.189 17.5 13.6 33.7 0.8 7.0 2.0 20.0 0.4 0.00
organic 24.48 0.43 71.0 49.3 176.5 12.2 37.0 169.0 516.0 60.00 0.19
commercial 7.01 0.22 16.0 13.10 53.7 0.0 6.0 1.0 9.0 3.0 0.00
organic 14.20 0.35 23.0 59.2 148.3 6.5 36.0 68.0 1938.0 0.0 0.00
commercial 12.38 0.27 47.5 46.9 84.6 0.0 12.0 1.0 49.0 0.3 0.20
organic 28.56 0.52 96.0 203.9 237.0 69.5 88.0 117.0 1584.0 32.0 0.25
commercial 12.38 0.27 47.5 46.9 84.6 0.0 12.0 1.0 49.0 0.3 0.20


So, knowing the source of your food is as important as knowing what to eat. Members of the PHTWA have already started organic farms and expansion for the production of organic food would be our next line of action. Training courses in organic farming would be introduced very soon by PHTWA.

According to WHO, the safe limit of sound is 45 decibels. Over 65 decibels creates heart diseases, while that of over 90 decibels creates hearing problems and changes the co-ordination of the nerve system. Loud sounds increases the emission of adrenal hormones in the blood that decreases patience and excitement levels and thus causes various mental disorders such as anger, anxiety, frustration, tension and depression.

Sound pollution creates various health problems like breathing complications, headache, nausea etc. Sound pollution affects the heart, causes nausea among others. Sound pollution affects heart blood circulation, food canal and stomach. High sounds affect all types of sick people but the worst affected are expectant mothers and new born children.

Smoking: Brief exposure to second hand smoke can cause blood platelets to become stickier, damage the lining of blood vessels, decrease coronary flow, potentially increasing the rate of heart attack.

Second-hand smoke causes 50,000 deaths in adult non-smokers in the U.S each year.

Plastics:  Bisphenol A or BPA is an ingredient in plastics widely used for food packaging. BPA is commonly used in the production of epoxy resins and polycarbonates that end up being used in applications including most plastic materials. The leaching of BPA is accelerated by heat, acidic or alkaline substances and by washing. Covering foodstuffs with plastics which contain BPA, produces a recipe for the transfer carcinogenic substances. Wrapping kenkey with plastics as well as boiling rice with plastics is as dangerous as putting a time bomb under your pillow, because of the proven carcinogenic effect of BPA leaking into food as a result of heating these plastics.