Health is not merely the absence or the apparent unrecognizable absence of symptoms of disease or sickness. Health is the totality of well-being. To be completely happy or satisfied with one’s life, you really need to be COMPLETELY healthy or in other words WELL. Wellness of a person means that, the individual is healthy in mind body and soul. Nobody can claim to be truly satisfied with his or her life just because he or she has a mega dose of one of the aspects of life. One who claims to be very spiritual, religious or selfless cannot keep on servicing others and suffering all the sacrifices of extreme altruism without adequate physical fitness of a healthy body.

The highly educated professor who is always sick in the hospital would be of little use to his students institute or research centre. The footballer, sportsman or musician who would continue to perform without disappointing his fans must always be healthy alert and alright. The old parent who is always alert and well physically and mentally is very useful to his family and to society at large.

His good memory draws on past experiences of dos and don’ts in the laboratory of life’s empirical trials and draws vital comparisons for advice to the youth. This is because a people without history, that is the compilation of life’s activities, do not have a promising a future.If this elder irrespective of the knowledge he possess or the spirituality he has is always sick and being catered for, he tends to be a burden and not a blessing. I have seen and heard so many people wishing their dear ones, parents, aunts, uncles  brothers and sisters husbands or wives  dead  in order to be relieved of their pain and the financial and social distress the family is going through. Even in the developed countries in Europe and America such a feeling has been institutionalized into what is called mercy killing. Mankind does not need to come to this if we follow the science of wellness instead of the science of medicine. Medicine and the adoption of hospitals have perpetuated the study of illness and disease instead of the science of wellness. The emphasis of medical science or the study of sickness is what has increased sickness and brought about a myriad of complicated epidemics all over the world.

This is because we have neglected the most important laws of God or nature or creation. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Whatever a man thinketh in his heart so is he. Be wary of the mouth that eats pepper and salt; it brings things into being. Our people also say invoke Goodness and Goodness would appear. Let our thoughts drive evil away and invite the good into our life and our situations. Any knowledge that does not flow with the natural order of natural laws must be false. Irrespective of the theories or the personalities or institutions carved to empower and enforce the definition of SCIENCE, SCIENCE is basically observation, experimentation and verification, plain and simple. The myth that has been created around science has been the greatest tragedy of the human race. Human beings have tried to make their interpretation of science to be a truth enforceable by law. Theories stand for a time but principles last forever.


There is a science of wellness. The science of wellness is not the same as the science of medicine and to be more specific western medicine. Western medicine usually referred to as modern medicine is designed to treat symptoms and study the behavior of the various body parts. But you see, the human being is a whole unit not parts so the only way to solve the problem is to use the wholistic method or in other words the science of wellness. If societies want to be well then, they must encourage living by the science of wellness and not by the science of sickness(modern medicine). Our old people sometimes say ‘I am not sick and yet I do not feel well. This means that in the study of sickness, there is a great gab being left uncovered. The void between when a person is sick and when he is WELL. Wellness is a science inborn in all nature but developed through the enhanced intuitive learning of human beings and other lesser or higher beings who occupy our planet.

In plants, we observe that, plants move their roots into the earth to find water and minerals and then transport it to the leaves and stems where ever they are for sustenance. The animal kingdom is more advanced. Those who keep pet’s free range realize that, their dogs and cats always run into the  near bushes to eat certain herbs when they do not feel well, and they get well.

Ancient beings ate so many varieties of plants and lived longer and healthier under hasher conditions than we live today. Just over 60 years ago, many people died between the ages of 80-120 in Ghana and most of West Africa. Today, 50 year olds call themselves old folks. In fact, most government workers retire and die within 5- 10 years of their retirement. Many who retire at 60 die at 65 or 70. This tells us that, there is something wrong with the system we are following and there is something we can do about it. In fact, humans have been doing the right things until it became fashionable to do the wrong things because our eyes were “too opened”. With the emphasis on intellectuality and the governing of the intellectual class the emphasis has been on accumulation of old, stale knowledge instead of the processing and creation of new, intuitive, creative and functional knowledge.

The science of wellness agrees and works with the creative part of our various brains. This is the reason why most inventors and scientists can be found in the creative group rather than the intellectual group. Unfortunately the scientists of today intellectualize most children out of their natural gifts. There are thousands or millions of genuinely creative souls the system is destroying just because their achievements are weighed in the scales of intellectuality , otherwise called modernity.

Africans as well as people all over the world once lived based on the science of wellness. There were theaters of entertainment, arenas and large centers of learning. There were very few centers for reviving people because very few people were expected to be sick and very few people did really get ill. In modern times big hospitals are edifices of development and they are commissioned with pomp and pageantry. Instead of being happy I think we must be sad and ashamed of a house which is built on the premise that we would be sick to inhabit it. The science of wellness has been always with us and will always be with us, it is nothing new. We just have to go back to it. In order to change the horrifying health statistics of the world, it would be better for us who have come to this realization to better “ran back than ran wrong’. In the science of wellness as a way of life, we shall live in the way that keep us well in body, mind and spirit. We shall teach our children how to eat for the nutrition and nourishment of the body and not merely for the colour and familiar taste of the food. We shall equip ourselves with knowledge that will make us confident. We shall participate in entertainment and exercises that will bring peace and tranquility to us not agitate us. The science of wellness is an imperative science for every human being on earth.

However, not everybody is going to embrace it. Many intellectuals would not accept it not because it is not good nor it does not make sense, but merely because it humbles their pride and ego to accept the obvious. These people are like the travelers who go through wrong directional advice, take to the opposite direction and go very far before someone, a little bush boy points to them that the destination he is heading is wrong. He recognizes it alright but then he decides that he has gone too far and spent so much money on fuel and therefore decides to stay on his course-he keeps on drifting until he gets so far away from home and because of his intransigence nobody will be willing to give him any contrary advice to what he knows and finally his vehicle comes to a halt-empty tank on an unfamiliar territory.

You see the science of medicine has been structured with the main aim of profit making and structures are put in place to deny you even the option of thinking about options. You are made to feel stupid uneducated and even abnormal if you refuse to go to the hospital for your ailments. Whatever the hospitals have no answer for does not exist. What they don’t know nobody should know. We all know that this assertion does not only sound wrong it is philosophically insulting to the rest of humanity on earth. Why should a group of people arrogate to themselves the authority to authorize everybody else on even what is right for the individual. This is a blatant insult and must be condemned in no uncertain terms.

The science of wellness teaches that, you are your best doctor. You must be able to use your God given intuition which is an infallible guide to make you develop a positive will power to do what is right for your body. Don’t allow any system to feed sickness into you by playing games of falsehood on your mind. There is nothing like an incurable or chronic disease. The body can be rejuvenated at any stage of its existence as long as we follow the laws of the science of wellness. The principle of science of wellness works. It works because there are several highly intelligent people like you who have used it in modern times and it is working for them because they are all alive and testify to its practicability. We do not have great universities certifying claims because it does not take great intellectual knowledge to understand the science of wellness. Anybody of average intelligence who can either read this or hear it in any language and sets off to practice it in his life would soon see remarkable results.

Do not be worried or even concern yourself with abstract scientific proofs and theories. All truly workable principles are simple.Ideas that are too complicated and complex belong to the devil (the realm of falsehood) but the earth, creation and the universe belong to God. Do not occupy yourself with belief in the power of the devil .The devil is fear made incarnate . A truly ambitious and focused person filled with love service and a bright heart has no fear of any thing. Like attracts like. Whatever you believe and focus on you bring into being. The science of wellness works and we do not owe anybody an explanation on this principle based on natural law.. The only way we can accept that this science has failed is if all the people who practice it diligently fail to achieve optimum wellness. But if those who practice it get the results they are required to get, then that is proof that it works. The various testimonies from all age groups and all levels of human society who have practiced the science of wellness cannot be put to spontaneous remission.


The science of wellness was started through series of lectures I started giving in the year 2004 as I spoke on “African Traditional Health Care as a way of Life”. As a herbalist and then later on an adult educator, counselor and Pranic healer and iridologist, I found out that, the wellness of the population lies in their own hands and not in the institutions that have been set up to the promotion of a  business called medicine. I also found out that, anyone who truly wants to learn and practice the science of wellness in his life needs to deprogram his mind.

There is a longevity chip lying dormant in every body who is oblivious of the science of wellness. This chip can only be activated when you think out of the box to deprogram your mind from the various theories of mental slavery that has been programmed in you by the organized school system and the hypnoticl adverts of the medical industry. Because of the length of time of this negative brain wasting and the ongoing repetitive hypnosis of the various blatant lies about what is healthy, you need to arm yourself with equally powerful knowledge and practical life giving examples to remain sturdy. The first anomaly of the health industry is the promotion of the milk consumption habits. Of all the mammals that produce milk it is only humans who are made to believe that, they need milk and must consume milk after being weaned off their mother’s milk.

Also, it is only humans that have to take the milk of other mammals other than their kind. This abnormal behavior does not even come about in the lower animal kingdom yet human beings see it as right, fashionable and civilized to promote this unnatural abnormality. Your first step onto the path of the science of wellness is to immediately stop the use of animal milk and all its products.

The second is to dispel the lies about protein. The old nutrition books that have filled up the schools, colleges and university libraries still carry the misinformation about the true nutritive value of most crops that are described as empty carbohydrate stuff.


Plantain after cooking is richer than banana. It is in low in fat, high in fiber and starch and very low in cholesterol and salt. It contains 50-80 grams of carbohydrates, 2-3 grams of protein and 0.01-0.3 grams of fat. Plantain is also very rich in potassium which is very good for the heart and helps to prevent hypertension and heart attack. It is also rich in magnesium and phosphorus. It is a good source of vitamins A; B6 and C which helps maintain vision, good skin and build immunity against diseases. Cooked unripe plantain is very good for diabetics, because it contains complex carbohydrates that are slowly released over time.


Protein- 2.0gm


Sweet potato-cooked no salt protein 4gm


The principles of the science of wellness are practical and pragmatic. They are not theoretical philosophical or intellectual in nature. The ideas shared here are for people who are ready to get well and stay well. It is for people who are really desirous of becoming healthy and thirst for the knowledge that will make them get results. This information is for those who are ready to use the workable principles of science regardless of how famous or not the person or place their getting it from. True knowledge is like a gold coin which does not change its value. The gold coin always remains the same. Another pull towards doubt is familiarity. We seem to hesitate to practice a method not because we do not think it sounds good but because it is not within the scope of familiar knowledge. You are not alone in thinking this way. After being a teacher at various stages of educational ladder for 27 years and a healer for 17 of those years and a public speaker and counselor for the past 6years, I can understand the apprehensions of any beginner of any principle. Yet, do not allow doubt to stop you from entering into your house of fulfillment.

You may be bombarded by friends, family and mates who would see you as strange, odd or outright stupid for refusing to take a pill for an excruciating pain or refusing to allow a child or loved one to get the surgery. Even renowned healers sometimes begin to doubt the very workable principles they have used so long due to the pressure from society. You will be bombarded by loud noises , but you have to keep calm If you mind the noise in the market you will always prepare the wrong soup for your family and nobody can enjoy it

The best answer you can give to those farmiliar loud mouths  is by the comparison of your wellness and the total wellness of your family with theirs a few years after. You need to be purposefully focused to do what is right in a world where the repetition of falsehood is made to appear as principle of faith. It is by faith that you fly in a plane from one point to the other trusting the knowledge and the principles of floating to take you to your destination. It is by faith that you enjoyed all the foods your mother introduced to you as a child and which you now hold as your own. It is by faith that you believed your first grade teacher who drew some symbols on the chalkboard and called them alphabets that make words and theiy form sentences. It is by faith that you also wrote down the numerals and calculated them to give values. Nobody can succeed in any venture without faith. Finally it is only by faith would you practice the science of wellness and change your life for the better. With faith you can do all things. Without faith you can do nothing. Many are called but few are chosen. The few are those who select themselves. They are those who are self-confident enough to choose themselves. They are not the followers, they are the leaders. Many of you who would be hearing or reading this knowledge today have been followers for far too long. You now need to be leaders, the leaders of your own destiny. History has chosen you to heal your life and the life of your loved ones. Be proud to say I will and I can.


No matter what will be said of the science of wellness, it still remains a fact that no one can live a truly fulfilled life unless he is well. No matter who we are in society, we need to be healthy to be able to express our full contribution to society and even to ourselves. The neglect of the science of wellness is the neglect of your true fulfillment on this earth. The science of wellness would help you and your loved ones prevent the bitter incidences of emergency crisis in all areas of sickness or illness. The idea of chronic incurable diseases would not be part of your life anymore. You will learn how to turn around and completely heal ALL undesirable health conditions. You just need time and commitment to do what you need to do- following the five pillars of a healthy life. The basis for the development of any society is the science of wellness. If the science of wellness is fully practiced by the even 50% of this country’s population, many of the big hospitals would be converted into schools or places of leisure for the enhancement of our bodily and emotional happiness. It does not take money to practice the science of wellness. In fact, the science of wellness would save you lots of money and time as an individual and when that is translated into national fiscal saving, countries like Ghana and many of the developing countries would not need to agree to ridiculous prices for their gold, timber, oil and other produce in order to balance their budgets and pay the interest on non-existent loans. The science of wellness is one of the means by which, mankind would be inviting a paradise on earth. It is bound to succeed. You may lose as an individual if you hesitate just because you are waiting for others to start and then you follow. It is not a matter of you being ready or prepared. You have been ready but just did not know what to do. It is because you are ready that is why you have been attracted to the knowledge you are possessing today, so act now. Tomorrow may be too costly. The science of wellness is the noblest knowledge we can possess as far as the physical world we live in is concerned. Anyone who masters the science of wellness has a foundation to all other forms of knowledge for his own good and the betterment of humanity. It is in being well that you can learn and obtain intellectual honor. It is by being well that you can work and make all the money you wish to enjoy. It is in a state of wellness that you can be of use to your loved ones and to society in general. Wellness places you in a framework of living and not just existing. Wellness increases your gratitude to God. Due to sickness some people even talk doubtfully about the benevolence of God. If you fail to do what you are required to do, God is still God. God is order. God is discipline. God loves obedience to his rules. You must follow God’s rules. It is not God who must follow man’s rules. There are people who think they can do all the wrong things and keep praying for miraculous healing each time they fall sick. God is not your errand boy or maidservant and you cannot coerce God to do your bidding whilst you keep on flouting the basic laws of health he has established; with impunity. If you truly believe in God, then you must as well believe in all his laws including his laws for a healthy body. If the body is the temple of God then you must not treat it with disrespect. You must not abuse the temple of God by doing those things which you are not supposed to do, rather those things that you must do.

The science of wellness works. All we need to do is to practice it and see the astonishing results no matter how early or late those results appear depending on each person. Success or failure in anything you do depends entirely on how you see yourself and the image you constantly hold of yourself. It is a matter of seeing a glass half full or half empty. Those who are healthy see life’s glass as a half full beam with confidence and are grateful to their creator and try to do something with the half glass opportunities in order to make them full glass. A positive attitude of gratitude is important as God richly blesses those who appreciate what is given them by using them, and thus gives them more. It is like the lesson of the talents. If we spend our entire lives complaining and finding out the various theories that will prove why things would not work we end up staying put. We immobilize ourselves, and like the lesson of the talents, God just says oh here bury that back. You wicked and an ungrateful servant. Because you refused to use that which you have, it is now taken away from you.

The fruits of life are enjoyed by those who follow the great laws of gratitude through practice and not by those who sing and shout about faith. The science of wellness is exact in its effects and is no respecter of persons. Being in a church, a shrine a mosque or even in the most lavish hospital bed has nothing to do with wellness. What matters is whether the science of wellness is being practiced or not. It is the knowledge and the workability of the principles you use that will make you well and not the titles, theories or fame of the person standing over you or the building in which you are admitted.We have so much become people of external exhibitions. We tend to forget that, the true power of humans lie within them. It is the internal power that links you to the eternal power.

It is a fact that, those who try to exhibit so much external strength, possess little or no internal strength at all. Internal strength comes with internal peace. One great man said ‘it is the weak who are wicked; the strong are kind and gentle. This truth applies to situations that involve our relationship with others as well as our relationship with our body and our emotions. People who normally abuse people and business practices just to make huge illegal profits also end up abusing their bodies with alcohol, meat fat and other undesirable and destructive overindulgencies including mega sex. Mega sex is having sex in excessive physical ways mostly with a partner who you see only as a physical object in order to satisfy an unbridled animal desire. Mega sex causes sexual exhaustion, lethargy and mental and emotional imbalance. It is the practice of mega sex that led to the birth of homosexuality, lesbianism and bestiality. To be really healthy in body you have to be healthy in mind.

Our attitude to life determines our level of emotional and psychological health. We are seeing a lot of sicknesses around because many people are nurturing, harboring and spreading thought patterns of sickness, pain and unhappiness. More people are suffering from sicknesses that are linked to stress and psychological factors now than in any period of human history. Many of the people who line up in long queues at the hospitals or hurry to receive miracles at various places and hideouts have something to hide. You cannot run away from yourself. Instead of facing whatever weaknesses or doubts of ignorance that limit us from attaining wellness of any kind, we tend to sweep it under the carpet and display a false state of happiness. Others will also blow out what they see as problems in order that they can parasite on others either for physical sustenance or emotional release. No one can make you happier than you can make yourself.. No one was created void. Each and every one of us has a unique gift.

The activation of the gift chip comes through the daily practice of gratitude and this brings us into a state of emotional balance or happiness. A true state of ecstasy leads to the discovery of inner peace and inner power. The first step to wellness is positive attitude. Nothing can destabilize an emotionally stable person. The inexplicable diseases most people visit hospitals and prayer camps for are conditions brought about by a diseased mind. A mind not at ease. A body controlled by a negative mental attitude can weaken the body’s defense system and produce all kinds of diseases. A negative mental attitude produces incessant waves of fear that causes poisons to build up in various parts of our body causing ailments from heart disease, eye problems to skin disorders and hair loss.

Fear, regret, remorse, sorrow, self-pity, and the lack of the expression of appreciation and love are the underlying causes for all the inexplicable diseases that have plagued humanity in these times of copious technological feats. No technology can replace the natural order. There can be no music sweeter than your heartbeat. Depending on how you use your mind it can either kill you or heal you. But I trust you want your mind to heal you that is why you have this information in your possession. The first healing of the mind or attitude wellness lesson you are to learn is your desire and appreciation for knowledge. Whatever money you paid for this information is far less small than the use value it offers you; and this is also true for all teachers and trainers of society. Many people are so happy to say knowledge is power. But this is not always true. It is not every knowledge you learn that empowers you. Some forms of knowledge make you dependent, vulnerable, and mentally enslaved.

It is only the right knowledge that empowers you. The right knowledge is the useful functional knowledge that activates the chip of creativity in you and opens you up to all possibilities. It is the right to be well. It is the knowledge that makes you know that you are your best healer. It is the knowledge that makes you understand that, what you can do to become as well as you desire is more in your hands than in the hands of the doctor. Do not heed to the suggestions that you must go for checkups. The trees and animals in the forest do not go for checkups and yet they live their full life span. This is because they live by natural laws. The argument that we are in a polluted world does not hold here. We can do something about environmental health and we can also rely on our body’s immune system to do the rest as far as we don’t destroy it by flouting the laws of the science of wellness. It is a pity how ignorance is killing people in the very places they go to seek salvation.

A typical example of this form of invitation to sickness is in the churches, where many high sounding social figures and intellectual giants congregate. Many intellectually educated people have learnt about all the big things and are oblivious of the little things that kill them like noise pollution in the churches, discos and concert halls. The frequency with which many people go to church these days and the constancy with which they are exposed to high sound pollution is an area for critical urgent research. And this has nothing to do with long academic vocabulary. Research just means prying and probing. Let us begin finding out why loud sounds agitate and make both humans animals and plants act in a certain way. Sound pollution creates various health problems like breathing complications headache, nausea etc. sound pollution affects heart, blood circulation food canal of the stomach.

Loud sounds increase emission of adrenal hormone of blood that increases mental impatience and excitement and thus causes various mental disorders such as anger, anxiety, frustration, tension and depression. High sound pollution can also cause indigestion, peptic ulcer, high blood pressure and backbone curving. High sounds affect all types of sick people but the worst affected are expectant mothers and new born babies. Health experts say 110 decibels of sound creates skin reactions, 120 decibels pain in the head, 130 decibels vomiting, 140 decibels severe pain in ears, 150 decibels increases heartbeat and 190 decibels make people deaf.

According to WHO, the safe limit of sound is 45 decibels. Sound of over 65 decibels creates heart diseases while that of over 90 decibels creates ulcer, hearing problems and changes of nervous system. A sound of over 120 decibels creates pain in the hearing organ and destroys hearing ability. Some suggested permissible limits of noise are: residential areas- 35-45 decibels, commercial areas- 45-50 decibels. Educational institutions and hospitals-35 decibels. Sound pollution also hampers the mental growth of children. High sounds of hydraulic horns of buses, trucks, and loudspeakers as well as mill factories badly affect drivers, passengers and passersby.

We hear sounds through conduction. Continuous sound pollution badly affects the conduction and as a result people lose instant hearing ability and later become deaf. Do we test our truck drivers to determine whether they hear well? It is amazing how many people can be saved from pain and discomfort just by applying the knowledge of sound pollution and its effects on human beings in their lives. How many gifted children are being deprived of educational opportunities just because their mental growth has been hampered by noise pollution. Most of the children and students we describe with ADD are due to exposure to noise yet we find theories that help to explain away the gross irresponsibility of the authorities.

The periodic ban on noise in various spiritual cultures of the Ga’s , Ashanti and Akyem city states of Ghana are perceived as a mere ritual of fetishism and no studies have been done on it. The departments of Sociology, Psychology, Religion and Medical science do not deem it an important area of study. It is shameful how we trade off our rich heritage for a bowl of shameful porridge and bread.

Speech spoken softly is scientifically easier to understand than speech spoken loudly. This is probably the reason why our ancestors will always wake you up at dawn to advise you in a soft voice, when the environmental noise is at its lowest. They have been exonerated by recent research which has revealed that, in small rooms noise levels above 35 decibles interfere with the indelibility of speech.


Second hand smoke also known as Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is a mixture of smoke given off by the burning end of a cigarette, pipe or cigar and the smoke exhaled by smokers. It is involuntarily inhaled by non-smokers and lingers in the air hours after cigarettes have been extinguished and can cause or exacerbate a wide range of adverse health effects including cancer, respiratory infections and asthma.

Scientific evidence concludes that, there is no risk free level of exposure to second hand smoke. Brief exposure to second hand smoke can cause blood platelets to become stickier, damage the lining of blood vessels, coronary flow velocity reserves and reduce heart rate variability potentially increasing the rate of heart attack. Second hand smoke is classified as a known cause of cancer Group A (carcinogen). Second hand smoke causes disease and premature death in children and adults who do not smoke. Second hand smoke contains hundreds of carcinogens such as formaldehyde benzene, vinyl chloride, arsenic ammonia and hydrogen cyanide. Second hand smoke causes almost 50,000 deaths in adult non-smokers in the United States each year.

This information begins a series of life saving information I believe is needed by most people who unfortunately are enslaved mentally by the description of what is healthy and how to stay healthy. To begin, I wish to say that, the only source of undisputable knowledge is Universal Intelligence or Divine intelligence or God. It is also a fact that, this knowledge flows to humans through intuition and nurtured by functional creativity. It is also a fact that, it is the creative instinct that produced the system called science which is the same as observation, Experimentation and Verification.

The knowledge about health and healing I am sharing with you is not based on theories nor is it limited to a few days or weeks of so-called clinical trials with parts of plant being tested on guinea pigs or albino mice. The knowledge which serves as a basis of my information is based on thousands of years of clinical trials with whole plants by human beings mostly on themselves, and which has resulted in what has become known as traditional healing all over the world. Traditional healing may include herbal healing, Spiritual or Psychic healing and exercise or what is now termed occupational healing therapy.

If a method which has been used in the same way to give the same results for thousands of years is said to have no empirical evidence of human beings who have been gagged by a system that controls the organized shouting, then I don’t know, somebody needs to define what empirical knowledge is to me.

For this knowledge to be useful to you, I hope you will read with an open mind guided by your desire to live a healthy non apprehensive life and not become the slave of theories you can hardly understand. I will entreat you to read with respect as you would if it was a theory put forth by any of the celebrated names in the various science books you read. In this period of history, our world is in a stage of learn or you perish. Don’t allow yourself to perish for lack of proper knowledge.  “Knowledge is power”, is a popular saying but I beg to say that; the knowledge that empowers you is the knowledge which is useful and usable in your circumstance. Any knowledge that makes you dependent on anybody or any system makes you powerless and therefore vulnerable. A health system that will make you rush a victim to the nearest health centre to be treated for convulsion, snake bite or dislocation cannot be relied upon. How near is the nearest hospital in most villages in Africa, how accessible are the roads and how prompt are the services provided? Is the answer to malaria prevention the supply of chemically treated mosquito nets or a clean environment and a good immune system?

Instead of questioning the basis of a healthcare system that has inflicted on mankind a drug-dependent and an upside down  based nutritional regime, intellectual elite of Africa and elsewhere seem to be at war with the very natural eating and healing system that has saved mankind for thousands of years. What description do we think the professor of psychiatry will give to somebody who exhibits an implicit faith in something which he or she has no proof of. This same person digs deeply to find all types of excuses to convince himself that, the reality he sees must not be real because the truth that reality has not been accepted by a group of people.

A healer without a theory is still a healer, whilst a theory without a healing system still remains a mere theory. Doctors’ doctor and healers heal. It is now time for us to find doctors who are also healers; then we can recognize healers who are doctors. Where do we find the best doctor? The best doctor is yourself. If you do not have the knowledge of healing to prevent disease by leading a healthy lifestyle, you will unknowingly abuse your body into deterioration. But the worst part of your abuse may also be when you try to use the fashionable short-cuts to solve the problem by dosing your body with chemicals and unneeded surgeries.

If half of the money invested in the cardio-thoracic and cancer centers are channeled to heart attack and cancer reversal programs, society will be better off. This proposal can only become a reality if many people gain knowledge about what healthcare really is.

Most of the information that I am going to give you concerning health are based on practical workable formulas and recipes some of which may be familiar to you but which you have made up your mind to ignore. It is always good to run back than to run wrong. For the past twenty-two years when I have been healing as well as documenting the uses of single herbs and formulas I have come to one conclusion-African Herbal Science and Nutrition works. This system which has kept our ancestors is still the best method to keep us healthy. It works, to prove that it works just try it. Traditional healing is the healing system with your traditional setting as a base. There is nothing fetish or dirty  about traditional healing. Just before independence in Ghana, when people ate their traditional meals and hospitals were few, the life expectancy was 75 years. Today after fifty five years of independence and chemical civilization, the life expectancy has dropped to 57 years and it is still going down. So is it the swallowing of drugs and the availability of surgeons and pathologists that determine how healthy the population is; or the knowledge and practice of a healthy lifestyle?Choose what you will.