You are welcome to Pamahealth.com. You are about to enter a journey of pleasant discovery or most for Africans, a rediscovery. Pama health has a mission of reintroducing and redirecting mankind back to the blissful days of health and longevity through the medium of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle by our understanding, is doing those things that will let us live until we die; and not to die of ANY disease. We at Pama health believe, practice and now share with the world this concept “Disease does not kill it is only death that kills”. There are no incurable diseases. The body’s regenerative ability is universal and should not be compared to any artificial means of temporary survival. The body works in perfect harmony to keep it healthy if we do the right things, right attitude, access to clean air, pure life water, proper food and enough exercise. Pama health promotes African Traditional Health Care As a Way of life. You are about to experience a new world of healing possibilities using some of the world’s most reliable single herbs, formulas, spices, ointments, soaps, food recipes, instant energy super foods and concepts. You will surely be choosing one of our over 130 herbal formulations and food menus. Pama health products are formulated or chosen to give and promote wholistic health. Because the body is whole and all cells work in perfect co-ordination, it is only right to follow the natural order or what is called God’s way. “ANY SYSTEM THAT DOES NOT FALL INTO NATURAL LAW IS FALSE”. Such systems can only work for some period and must be changed or adjusted. Fashion changes with time but principles last forever. Pamahealth is based on the natural principles of God; they can’t fail.

Profile of Dr. B. Kofi Asare

the current president of the Vegetarian Association of Ghana. Dr. Kofi Asare as a founding member of the Vegetarian Association of Ghana, Founder and National Coordinator of the Preventive Health and Total Wellness Association of Ghana, International Spokesperson of the Ghana Psychic and Traditional Healers Association, member of Ghana Institute of Management and an Elder and Patron of the Africa for Africans Investments  and Repatriation Tours.
Dr. Kofi Asare is the CEO of Pama health Company Limited with over 200 Health formulas and Recipes. Dr. Kofi Asare is the Author of the best-selling book “CHOSEN TO HEAL” – African Traditional Health Care As a Way of Life as well as many unpublished papers on wholistic health and Nutritional Healing.
Dr. Asare is also an Iriologyist, Pranic Healer, Nutritional Healer and Master Herbalist.
Dr. Asare has been giving lectures and Workshops, Seminars and Certificated Classes in several cities in the United States since 2008. Dr. Asare has delivered talks in Ghana, Malawi, Malaysia, Togo, and is currently propelling an agenda of health from Ghana to the African Continent with the vision “Vegetarianism – Healthy Life Style beyond a meatless Diet”.


Pama health offers free samples of its star products Mamuvita Plus Super food and Vege-Protein Stock Powder (VPSP) spice. You may also get information on our products by contacting Dr. Kofi Asare at pamahealth2@gmail.com Dr. Kofi Asare also offers lectures, seminars workshops and classes for all types of natural healers and interested individuals and groups who need knowledge to keep their families healthy in this  health dangerous world. The health status of the world has deteriorated in the past 50 years more than any time in the history of humans on earth. In Ghana and most parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, the average life expectancy just before independence was 75 years. Fifty years later, after becoming sophisticated, fashionable and modern, it has reduced to 57 and is still plummeting. The health story in America, despite the influential culture of silence, is even worse. Cancer and Heart diseases which were formerly not in medical text books have risen to become one of the major killers second probably to medical mistakes and mega dosing of drugs. The average “normal” eating American who is considered healthy takes about four different drugs, those considered sick take between 10-20 or more prescriptions some of which take care of the side effects of one drug or the other.
It is presently a matter of running wrong or running back? To those who decide to run back to the right path of freedom through knowledge, Pama health says you are most welcome.

In western medical practice, the health of the body is considered in parts. There is a doctor or specialist for almost every body part or function, from cardiologist to dermatologist. But this must not be so. The myths and complexities of science must be defused for the benefit of mankind. The body is whole and all parts of the body work together as a team (unit). We know that poor memory is caused by sluggish digestion and skin problems such as acne are mostly caused by toxins in the blood. If one part of the body is deficient in a way, it affects other parts as well. So, in order to really heal some defect that may be apparent, you need to take a wholistic look at the problem. But is health care really about sickness? NO. May be, this might be the first time you are hearing this fact and you may be confused. Healthcare on medicine as a business of sickness and disease is what has left our world in its present state of sickness. Health in traditional healthcare was more of wellness and not of treatment. Prophylactics were drunk every morning, soups were laced with certain herbs for pregnant and lactating women, and inoculations against snake bites were administered.

In the conventional healthcare system of today, sickness is a business. Preventive healthcare has become an enemy to medicine because the healthier the people, the less money drug manufacturing companies make. In other words, the wiser the people become, the worse it becomes for medical business. But they do not have to worry because apart from the powerful advertising they have on their side; some people find it difficult to change from the habits that destroy them. What most people do not know is that, when you spend too long to change, it might be too late to be saved.

Science is observation, experimentation and verification. Human beings are created essentially as scientist. It is when we move away from our true nature as scientists that we end up messing up. It is a matter of practicing what you intuitively experience to be right, not what you are being convinced through advertisement to be continuously pleasurable. Many things that are pleasurable and convenient are not necessarily beneficial to our bodies. Maintenance of our bodies is not a bore and is more important than the maintenance of our buildings and cars. You may build a new house, buy a new car or change your wardrobe several times, but you cannot buy an eye, nose or colon to perfectly fit and work in your body.

Many diseases result from the deficiency of certain nutrients in the diet. When the missing ingredient is provided, diseases can be eliminated. Based on this concept, Pamahealth came up with Mamuvita Plus Super Food. Mamuvita is a modernized form of an ancient Krobo (tribe in Ghana) wartime food. This wartime food, served as a super energy booster for warriors. Mamuvita Plus provides the body with essential body and regenerative nutrients. Mamuvita Plus Africa’s most concentrated source of whole food nutrition is your best bet to repair a lot of the damage you cause your body and help reduce the effect of ageing.

Mamuvita Plus has one of the highest antioxidant and phyto-nutrient levels among the best super foods of the world. Mamuvita Plus is your choice because it in addition to its various nutrients has high dietary fiber which helps to reduce the risks of rectal and intestinal disorders such as hemorrhoids, diverticulitis and cancers of the colon and rectum. Mamuvita Plus also has other important benefits including immune system enhancement, building healthy heart tissues, controls high blood pressure, promotes better sleep, controls blood sugar, rejuvenates organs like the liver, and kidneys, corrects nervous problems such as loss of memory, promotes healthy weight loss by reducing fat cells, lowers bad cholesterol, prevent heart disease, reduces the risk of breast and prostate cancer, speeds up wound healing, restores sexual vitality and capabilities in both sexes, promotes excellent high mental and intellectual activity, enhances performances in sports activities, produce high quality breast milk and helps you  live healthier and longer.